Try our latest virtual fitting room technology!


Step 1.

Download and install the latest Fitnect client software

Step 2.

Plug in your motion sensor!
(Kinect, Kincect v2.0, ASUS XTION Live, PrimeSense Carmin 1.08 are supported)

Step 3.

Place your motion sensor around 150 cm – 200 cm from the floor.

Step 4.

Start Fitnect by clicking on it’s desktop icon!
* For XBOX360 Kinect users only: Download and install the latest Microsoft Kinect SDK
Kinect For Windows / Primesense Carmine / Asus XTION sensors are supported by the installer.

*In case of missing DirectX dll error, or crash at start up, download and run dxwebsetup.exe

Kinect for Windows v1.0 / Primesense Carmine / Asus XTION – Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Download for Kinect v1.0
Kinect for Windows v2.0 (new) – Windows 8, 8.1
Download for Kinect v2.0


  • Press CTRL-C or RIGHT MOUSE button for sensor settings!

  • Use the controls on the left bottom corner to adjust your Kinect’s angle UP and DOWN! (Keep clicking on the buttons until the angle is correct!)
    Primesense Carmine and ASUS XTION users just move the sensor by hand!

  • Restart your sensor, and click on Save And Exit when ready!
  • Make sure your legs and your head are visible both on the video image, and on the red silhouette!
  • Stand around 2-2.5 m distance from the sensor.

  • Go as close as possible to have the best results!


  • Do a little movement, walk a few steps back and forth,so Kinect can recognise you. A red silhouette will appear on the left bottom of the screen.

  • Make sure the floor is clear. Around 3×3 m free space is required for Fitnect!

  • After the side menu appears,you can start selecting items from the right menu.
    You can filter by categories on the left, select women’s, men’s wear, and remove outfit on the top.

  • Adjust the size of your outfit if necessary using the top left menu.

  • Press the photo button on the top to make a photograph of yourself

  • If you like your photo select “Facebook” to publish your photo on Facebook.

  • Just simply walk away to deactivate tracking .